Modelo Anrobox edificio modular

Industrialized modular building is a construction technique that is changing the way buildings are constructed around the world due to its efficiency and sustainability. Under this industrialized edification method, the modules are built in the factory and then installed on site, constituting the building as a whole.


This technique has the highest rates of construction time reduction, making it the best construction option.

Efficiency & sustainability

Thus, this construction model stands out for its energetic efficiency and sustainability. The prefabricated modules are produced in the factory under controlled conditions, which reduces the consumption of energy and waste, thereby minimizing the environmental impact.


Furthermore, not only are most of the materials recyclable, but in the case of Anrobox, we offer a system that is itself recyclable. Anrobox presents the opportunity to create buildings that are fully expandable, removable and reusable.

New construction challenges

Nowadays, the construction sector is facing new challenges that are directly related to the need to adapt itself to a world in constant change while facing the environmental and social challenges that arise; from these very challenges, our new building system is born.

Primer modelo Anrobox edificio modular

A nearby future

Therefore, industrialized modular edification is transforming the way in which buildings are constructed. It is an innovative technique that can significantly improve the way buildings are constructed, as well as the way users interact with their surroundings. As technology and construction techniques progress, industrialized modular building is being pushed forward as the dominant construction technique in a future that is getting closer and closer.


In conclusion, looking towards such imminent future, Grupo Anro has developed and patented a bolted joint system for metallic steel structures that eliminates the previous design stage of the joints, drastically reduces the time needed for the execution, and enables the quick disassembly of the structure. On this basis, Anrobox is born, a modular building system that can be expanded, disassembled and reused.

Sistema modular ampliable, desmontable y reutilizable, que permite la máxima personalización para crear un futuro a tu medida.